What is Data Equity?

Data equity is about making choices with data that prioritize the people and communities that we are trying to prioritize in our services and programs.

Did you know that there are communities that experience more barriers to accessing services than others, and that they also experience significant barriers to accessing culturally appropriate services?

The Ontario Human Rights Commission recognizes that the collection of demographic data (also referred to as social identity or sociodemographic data) is a key part of promoting equity.

One useful way that inequities can be uncovered and identified, for example the  stark differences in how the Covid-19 pandemic disproportionately impacted racialized and low income communities, is through the collection of demographic data.

It is through the collection of this data that we are able to identify and work to fix gaps in service delivery. There is a growing expectation that investment, decision making and programming are informed by demographic information. Focused outreach, activities and promotion towards equity deserving groups follows the collection of this data.

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